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Hindi Sex Story It was a lazy Sunday. Me(raj) and my brother Akash were busy in my room playing games. He had come over from mumbai to pune for summer vacation. We had just given our board exams. Our mom’s are close sisters. Modern Incest Porn

They were having a chill time too down in the hall laughing and gossiping. Me and Akash kinda got bored and then we started to talk about porn videos that we both had a pretty similar taste in porn.

[Parallel stories going on respectively]

Raj: bro did you watch missax ka video off Scarlett sage… The big bros problem?

Akash: oh yes, the dirty talk in it was so good I wish someone did that to me.

Rashi: ahaha kids these days, I swear since Rahul(me) turned into a teenager it’s nothing just him and his phone and computer all day.

Mrunal: ikr technology has spoiled them a lot. I try to be strict with akash regarding screen time but I just can’t have a soft spot for him.

Raj: yeah, ikr bro oh and did you check out the latest mom swap video?! They looked so much like our mom’s asset wise!

Akash: yeah, they did! I always kept looking at the one with the blue bra. She reminded me of your mom.

Rashi: I know right! Same here! But don’t worry your son is good at least woh kabhi kabhi sunta hai meri bhi kaafi madat karta.

Mrunal: hain sachhi?! This is new to me. But don’t be so harsh about your son. He is so kind and also helps me with chores. So don’t undervalue his efforts, he’s just a child.

Rashi: (she rolls her eyes) anyways umm I actually wanted to discuss something…

Mrunal: (she straightens herself up and look with all attention to rashi) okay. Batao… koi serious bat? Was it the new guy you are talking about? (she yells out in happiness).

Akash: yeah absolutely! Btw gotch u something well I keep it always with me… (gives his mom’s red satin panties to me.) yeh le!

Raj: broooo are those… Really? Your mom’s panties?

Rashi: no! Not at all well okay… Oh ummm btw I wanted to speak to you about something it’s about your son.

Mrunal: oh what is it then? Batao fast!

Akash: yes and they are new panties! (with a nod* now) it’s your turn!

Raj: damn bro.. Well, you did owe me one when I stole my mom’s panties for you… Anyways here (he opens the cupboard and pulls out a blue panty of my mom) it’s fresh just got it out of the washing machine!

Mrunal: oh my god!! Are you telling me that akash was masturbating to you?! Fir tune kya kiya? Tu use dhundne gayi kya raj ke room me? I’m telling you if it was Akash I’m going to set him straight right now. (visibly angry)

Rashi: tu shaant hoja ye sab normal he hai they’re teens who just turned adults… It’s not even their fault. All these hormones they will have to find a way to come out! And thank god its you and not some random chick on the internet who charges money (she puts her hand on mrunal’s shoulder to comfort her and smile’s awkwardly)

Akash: looks like both of our moms like to wear satin panties… Let’s watch the videos and jerk off I’m these?!

Raj: yess let’s start! (takes the Mrunal’s panties and and start the video) bro the one on the right looks just like your mother! Look at her breast! (he takes the panty and start using it as he put it under his pants and rubs it to his dick) bro this panty is so soft fuck!

Mrunal: now that you are telling me this, I guess I could also tell you about how my panties and bras have been disappearing recently. There was this one time when I had put up my laundry to dry… kuch der baad jab me bahar aayi tab meri underwear was missing you know… and raj just aya tha ghar kuch deer pehle… (she smiles a bit as she enjoys the feeling of being wanted)

Rashi: what?! Thats happening to you too?! Mere bhi kuch kuch gayab hue I thought hava se uddke kaha toh gaye hoge.. Do you think… (she nods and looks at mrunal) that… These guys are stealing it? Also don’t you think its getting a bit too much? I think we should confront it before things go out of control…

Akash: damn bro! Looks like both our mom’s like to use satin panties huh… yaar lekin tu sahi bola isme left wali teri mom jaisi dikhti hai yaar! (pulls out his dick and wraps rashi’s satin panties around it and starts stroking it)

Raj: fuck this is panty is so freaking soft … oh my my look they are touching their own son’s dick… I can’t help but imagine my own mom doing that to me while being fucked by you, (the video the one who look similar to rashi and mrunal both say “come one son cum in her and make your mom proud”) oh yes mom I’ll make you proud! (he starts to stroke faster as he on the edge of finishing)

Mrunal: ha… kuch jyada hi ho raha hai. I think we should confront them… let’s go, they are both upstairs, right? Chalo.

Both Rashi and Mrunal rush towards where the boys are currently with the intention of confronting her sons, meanwhile, the boys have started fapping. Mrunal barges into the room and sees them fapping to a porn video using each other’s’ mom’s panties…

Akash: bro, sahi hai, I’m getting even excited thinking if this situation really happens…

As both of them are immersed in masturbation, Rashi and Mrunal reach outside the room and due to the boy’s carelessness, the door is partially open. To their surprise, their kids are already fapping using their panties and commenting on each other’s moms.

Rashi: (keeps looking at dick of both the kids as they stroke it on their panties and she bites her lips and lightly caress her boob with her own elbow as she keeps her hand on mouth to be in shock and in awe of the scene, and then she whispers) Mrunal!! Oh my god look really, they’re doing that! We need to stop them now … idk.. Should we?

Mrunal: (shocked and confused at the scene in front of her, dazed off in thought trying to understand what she was feeling… she answers absentmindedly…) uh… ha! Rokna chaiye inko rashi.. But are they using our panties to fap?!!

As they are whispering within themselves, rashi decides to barge in… Shocked by the sudden bang from the swift opening of the door, the boys freeze in fear looking at their mom’s in the room.. You are reading this story on Crazy Sex Story.

Akash: fuck!!(shocked and afraid, seeing his mom in the room) we’re fucked bro (he whispers to raj)

Rashi:(before going in she takes a look at both of their dicks she feels a horny so she pulls her kurta more down revealing her cleavage and she shakes off the feeling getting a bit angry and getting in the room with her cleavage being visible) what the hell is going on here ha? (she folds her hands and comes to both akash and raj and pull their ears) you guys better have good justification for all of this haa nai toh tv phone laptop sab band ajj se!

Mrunal:(shocked by what’s happening in the room, gets confused as to feel angry or horny. Especially since it had been a while since she had seen a dick ever since her husband passed away. She shakes away her horniness after realizing that the dick in front of her is her son’s and enters the room to scold akash.) ye kya chal raha hai akash! Aur raj tum bhi? I’m so disappointed in you too!

Raj: (he covers his dick with pillow immediately and his body stiffens due to sudden shock) mom woh uhhh humm uhh kuch nai woh na galti se internet pe se galti se virus download kiya hain na akash?

Akash: (panics and covers himself with the pillow as well) ha voh kuch virus aa gaya tha raj ke laptop me toh uh vo nikalne ki koshish kar rahe the…

Mrunal: jhoot mat bolo, we saw you guys fapping to porn!!! And that too using our panties!! What is wrong with you huh?! Thodi toh sharam karo! (she pulls akash’s ear)

As soon as mrunal pulls akash’s ear, akash tries to reduce the pain by moving his body towards the directions his mom is pulling his ear, in doing so, the pillow covering his dick falls off.

Raj: (looks down in shame) I’m sorry mumma.. Aunty…. Please don’t ban our tv laptop we will everything you say pakka promise. Aunty mein apko apke saare panties de dunga please gussa mat hona really sorry. (his dick kept on jerking and it looked like something poking out of the pillow)

Rashi: (she looks at akash dick and and bends down in a provocative way and passes the pillow again) haa bolo fir ye panties kese aye? Ye bhi uss virus se aye! You know I feel so disappointed… Even akash im so disappointed by you too. I’m very disappointed at the very fact ki yeh dono apne mumma’s ke paas nai aye aur koi random ladkiya ko prefer kare hai na mrunal? (she smirks and winks at mrunal and then comes and sits next to akash as she playfully plays with his cheek) “Modern Incest Porn”

Mrunal: (gets what rashi is trying to do and tags along) I’m also disappointed with both of you, ye internet pe unknown ladkiyo ko dekh ke kya maja milta hai tumhe? Aur humare washed panties me aisa kya hai huh? (says while trying to hint something)

Akash: (looks at rashi and she is saying this) sorry mummy, aunty galti ho gayi, phire nahi hoga… we’ll do anything you want, but please don’t take away our mobiles and laptops… Please…

Raj: (in a low voice) woh apke bra aur panty bade soft hoti hai so… iskeylie hum use karte (he look at mrunal’s cleavage as his jaw drops a bit)

Mrunal: (mrunal notices raj staring at her) dekho raj beta, we understand you are going through puberty, lekin tum jo kar rahe the vo galat he, ise aise nahi karte (says while caressing raj’s thigh). So isliye mein aur tumhari mummy tumhe right way dikhayenge. “Modern Incest Porn”

Rashi: wahi toh mrunal ek toh galat ladkiya fir galat technique. Chalo dikhao jara apna lund mujhe (she caress akash thigh and firmly lift his cock up and squeezes up a bit) beta how does it feel when aunty holds your cock huh? (she whispers)

Raj: uhh what is going on here (gets conscious and weirded out ashe never saw his mom aunty like this and uses his hand too to make sure the pillow doesn’t fall of)..

Akash:(confused at what his aunt is saying and doing, he stiffens up) uhh aunty, what’re

You doing… (gets a little turned on by seeing how sexy his aunt is behaving)

Mrunal: (gently tries to reach for raj ’s dick under the pillow) vaise to mere hath bhi kafi soft hai(whispers to raj in a sexy voice as she gently caresses his dick) right? (starts teasing raj by pressing her chest against him and snuggling closer to his body. In the heat of the moment mrunal starts pecking raj near his ear and neck slowly closing on to his lips, all the while gently stroking his dick. She takes raj’s hand, places it on her crotch and uses her hand to rub it against her crotch.) “Modern Incest Porn”

Rashi: shhh shant hojao let’s aunty take care of you okay?(she softly kisses akash) see you’re a natural at kissing. (she licks her hands and then starts to stroke his cock and look in his eyes with hunger) ajj se no porn okay? Jab chaho tab humare pass ana tum dono (she looks at both akash and ra and gives a naughty smirk) ha na mrunal?.

Mrunal: ha, rashi we will be always there for our son’s (giggles and she kisses raj and akash on the cheek)

Rashi: (then further takes off her top and bra) yeh bra lo aur batao tum kya kya karte the uske saath (she jiggles her boobs does this as she plays with his balls and uses the other hand to wrap the bra around his dick and then looks at raj in a craving manner)

Akash: woah!! Huge!!(starts fondling rashi’s breasts) aunty, it feels so good! Okay aunty, no porn from today, I promise…(puts his other hand in her panties to rub her pussy).

Raj: fuck aunty… (he looks at his aunty he couldn’t stand the close kisses near his lips and he dives in for the kiss for the lips and moans out a bit as mrunal strokes his cock, then he starts rubbing her above the panties as they both both make out teasing each other with their hand) “Modern Incest Porn”

Mrunal: let aunty take care of everything, okay? (pushes raj on the bed and takes off her kurti) tum bhi apne kapde utaro jaldi se(starts kissing raj while taking off her bra and leggings) You are reading this story on Crazy Sex Story.

Raj: fuck I can’t believe this is really happening (he start starts to suck on mrunal’s tits and play with her clit as they mutually masturbate)

Mrunal: umm… ahh.. Yes just like that, it feels so good, show some love to my other tit as well…(spits on his dick as she rubs his dick) how’re you feeling? Feel like you’re gonna cum soon? (says while intensifying her strokes)

Rashi: ahh yes just like that akash make your mumma proud by showing how you please women and come for me will you?. (after a while she bends down and then circle her fingertip around the tip of his cock and look at him slutilly)

Akash: yes aunty, I’m close! (puts his finger inside her pussy while simultaneously trying to rub her clit)

Rashi: hmmm oh yes baby give that white stuff to meeee (she screams in pleasure as she squirts over the sheets and hold his dick as tightly as possible and manage to stroke it faster and faster as she kisses around his neck and ears) “Modern Incest Porn”

Mrunal meanwhile: yes beta look at me you’re gonna cum for mumma and make her and me proud (she pulls his face and makes him look as she and raj mutually masturbate)

Akash: mom, what’re you doing?!(shocked, but as he is close) I’m cumming aunty, take it for me aunty, fuck! Ugh…ah…(climaxes)haah… haah…,fuck! It felt so good, I’ve never felt this good before…

Raj: oh yeah aunty I’m very close fuck you’re so good (he look at his mom screaming in pleasure which turns him in more and gets him more closer and then he kisses mrunal deeply and caress her clit more hard)

Mrunal: ahh… so rough.. I’m close too beta look at your mom ahh see how proud she gets of you as I cum ahh fuck yeah, do it! Let’s come together beta come on cum cum for me and mommy.

Both raj and mrunal climax together.

Mrunal: uh… yes… oh god… (takes the cum she has on her hand and licks it up and smiles)

Rashi:(she then proceeds to go down on akash and blow up and play with his balls. Akash cums in her mouth and she opens her mouth) oh my god!! Look at how much akash came (giggles and shows it to mrunal)look sis! Just look at the amount! “Modern Incest Porn”

Mrunal: hahah I know right, look at raj’s cum! I’m so proud of you both (she kisses both raj and akash and lays down). What about you rashi?

Rashi: I’m too taken by surprise of what you both guys have. Especially how long you guys have.

Mrunal: I know right?! It’s been such a long while we got something’s that really mardana than the other boys were have been going out with on a date.

Rashi : haa na.. I never knew our sons were so capable… beta you made me proud chalo it’s late night so jate (she pats the bed and looks at raj)

Mrunal: mein bhi bohot tired hogayi hu tum bhi hoye hoge na chalo mummy ke pass sojao(she pulls akash to him)

Both of the mom’s give a good night kiss on the cheek of their own sons and sleep off.

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